Download the latest version of OpenOffice for free

OpenOffice (Apache OpenOffice) is the best free analogue of MS Office, it contains the necessary package of modules for working with various types of documents. You need to download OpenOffice if you work with tables, graphs, mathematical formulas and databases. OpenOffice even contains a graphics module like Paint.

Below you can download OpenOffice for free from the official website for Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux and macOS. Click on the operating system you need and download the latest version of the office application for your OS. The download will start automatically a few seconds after opening a new page. The latest version of Open Office is clear to use and absolutely free.

OpenOffice modules

To compete with MS Office, Open Office developers had to implement the same functions. When installing an office suite, you get a set of tools for full-fledged office work.

  • OpenOffice Writer module is an analogue of MS Word for creating and formatting text documents.
  • OpenOffice Calc is an analog of Excel for working with tables.
  • OpenOffice Impress is an analogue of Power Point for creating presentations. It is possible to make various animation effects for a slideshow.
  • OpenOffice Draw is the aforementioned editor for graphic elements — an analogue of the standard Paint in Windows OS.
  • OpenOffice Base — if you work with databases, you will certainly have to edit the corresponding files. The Base module is responsible for this. Supported file formats of the following databases: HSQLDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle.
  • OpenOffice Math — necessary for creating mathematical formulas.

You need to download OpenOffice, since it is absolutely free, the English version of Open Office is available, and especially if you need at least one of the modules described above. They will greatly facilitate your work.

Advantages of OpenOffice

  • The free English version of OpenOffice is easy to install and absolutely clear to use.
  • You can download OpenOffice absolutely for free without registration from the official website.
  • The package size is smaller than its popular MS Office counterpart.
  • You can download OpenOffice for popular operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac and Linux.
  • You can download a portable version that does not require installation. This way you can run the program on any computer from a flash drive.
  • Open Office supports all known document formats in its modules — all types of tables, text documents, images, etc. You can both open any formats and save them.
  • Thanks to the language module, you can work in the program in any language.
  • Automatic highlighting of grammatical errors in text documents and their correction.

OpenOffice is not as popular an office suite as MS Office, so it is recommended that when saving any documents, choose the most well-known formats so that there are no problems opening them on another device.

Installing and launching the application

First, you will need to download the latest version of OpenOffice for free, then run the installation file and select the necessary installation parameters:

  • choose your OpenOffice installation path;
  • if you don’t need any of the OpenOffice modules, you can easily disable them.

It is better for beginners to skip all these steps and fully agree with the standard installation parameters.

Restart your PC and make the first launch of OpenOffice, during which you will be asked to register, specifying your data. This is necessary to collect statistics about the work of the program and its further improvement. You can skip this step and start using the office suite.


Download Apache OpenOffice

You can download Open Office for free from the official website, select the required language, program version and your OS (Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, macOS). But, to make it easier, we provide you with links where you can download the version and language pack that suits you, so that the program is fully understandable.

The program is very easy to install and further use. It is similar to other office packages, so you shouldn’t have any problems. But in case of any problems, you can ask questions in the comments below.