OpenOffice Portable is a version that does not require installation

OpenOffice Portable is a portable version of the OpenOffice office software package. The applications included in its composition are easily combined and interchangeable with MS Office, and in some respects OpenOffice even surpasses its competitors.

OpenOffice Portable has a simple and convenient navigation, there are no too abstruse innovations like those that can be found in MS Office 10 and later versions. All data of the portable version of OpenOffice is stored in an International Open Standard format, so that documents stored in OpenOffice Portable can be easily opened through similar office software. For home use, you can download OpenOffice Portable absolutely for free.

Download OpenOffice Portable

Composition and functions of OpenOffice Portable

OpenOffice Portable does not require installation, the package can be stored on any medium and used as needed. Most often, users download the portable version of Open Office to a USB flash drive.

After completing their work, office utilities do not leave any traces on themselves, they are removed from computer equipment automatically. OpenOffice Portable can be used on computers with Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems. No registration code is required to activate the software.

The current version of OpenOffice Portable is a free office software package for use on private computers. A portable Open Office for organizations is provided on a paid basis. The package includes utilities for working with text, for creating and viewing presentations, an editor for vector drawings, spreadsheets and mathematical formulas. A user who has downloaded OpenOffice Portable and stores it on a USB flash drive can use the following functions of portable software at any time:

  • work in a high-quality text editor, which is not inferior to MS Office in its characteristics. With this application, the text can be edited, created, checked for spelling errors, and the dictionary can be supplemented with new expressions;
  • to operate spreadsheets through the Calc utility, which is not inferior in quality to Excel;
  • create a slideshow in any of the three modes through the Impress utility, which is similar in characteristics to MS Power Point;
  • in the Draw application, you can draw vector pictures, graphics and supplement images with text;
  • you can edit information databases through the Base application, which is an analogue of MS Access;
  • The Mass application will help you compose even the most complex mathematical formulas, which can later be moved to any of the OpenOffice documents.

The portable version of Open Office has not only extensive features, but also a user-friendly interface, so even a novice user can master the software package without problems, especially since you can download OpenOffice Portable absolutely for free.

Advantages of the portable version of Open Office

To use OpenOffice Portable, it must first be downloaded as an OpenOffice archive, then the software must be unpacked to a USB flash drive.

A user who has decided to download OpenOffice Portable will get a lot of benefits from using this software product:

  • you can use OpenOffice Portable on someone else's computer, none of the components of the package will leave traces of their stay;
  • OpenOffice Portable is easy to install and simply decompresses to a USB flash drive or any other media. If necessary, the portable version is launched from an external storage device, and then any of the offered OpenOffice Portable applications are used;
  • OpenOffice Portable is a cross–platform software package that is combined with all the most popular operating systems;
  • each OpenOffice Portable utility has a built-in module for high-quality text checking for spelling errors;
  • all applications of the portable version of OpenOffice are compatible with any formats of images, tables and texts.

Download OpenOffice Portable

You can download the portable version of the OpenOffice office suite absolutely for free. For its further use, it is enough to unpack the Open Office archive on a USB flash drive and run the application necessary for work on any computer.

Download OpenOffice Portable

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